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Jani Shri K. Munshi Marg, Chowpatty, Mumbai - It combines the traditions of both western astronomy and astrology with that of the Tibetan Buddhists and Chinese culture.

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  • Michael Erlewine believes that a picture is worth 1, words, as the old saying goes, and his e-books show it; they are filled with full-color diagrams and illustrations. Erlewine writes: " Printers don't want to do color anymore, at least in any quantity. If you like any of these books, they are available in paperback format at Amazon. Matrix Software founder Michael Erlewine helped to revolutionize modern computerized astrology back in the early '70s. In recent years, Michael Erlewine has found time to work with astrology once again, producing the StarTypes series of astrological programs.

    Combining tarot card-like graphic with astrological wisdom is something Erlewine has always wanted to do. Visit Michael Erlewine's Photography e-books here: www. Thank you, Matrix Software. Spirit Grooves Videos by Michael Erlewine Spirit Grooves is a channel of half-hour shows hosted by Michael Erlewine on alternative awareness that will launch in March of to an audience of some , viewers. Click on the thumbnails below to watch the video.

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    Shamans: Spirit Guides Video minutes. Solar Eruptions and Creativity Video minutes. Solar Flares and the Mystic Sun Video minutes. Solar Storms and the Psyche Video minutes. The Vision of the Eclipse Video minutes. Geocentric and heliocentric astrology, separate for some years, come together to empower the astrology of the 21st Century.

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    • Download PDF file Training the Mind: Dharma Practice 42 pages, 12 illustrations Being twelve articles on the basics of mind training and dharma practice presented in an informal way. Included are complete instructions for Shamata sitting meditation and Tonglen, two classic mind training methods. Download PDF file Training the Mind: Book Two pages Twenty-five easy-to-read articles on meditation and mind training, including post-meditation practice, mixing your meditation with daily activities and more.

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      This volume covers close-up and macro technique, equipment, in-the-field use, and even motivation and the spirit of this kind of photography. Included extensive detail on focus stacking and the creation of mini-panoramas. This is a companion book to the second volume in this series on macro and close-up lens, their specs, photos, and photos taken through with the lenses.

      This book has detailed specifications on 42 of the finest lenses used for macro and close-up photography on Nikon systems. Photos of the lens itself and several ultra-close-up photos through each lens are included. This is a companion book to the first volume in this series on macro and close-up photography technique and equipment. This is part of that story in photos.

      Download PDF file Searching for Roots - Discovering Electric Blues in White America 24 pages In the late s and early s the interest in folk music and its roots in rural America and the European Continent reached a high pitch as thousands of young adults crisscrossed America documenting folksongs and sharing authentic music. Folklore societies sprung up at many major campuses.


      This was a folk revival, one that has not been repeated since. But old English and Scottish ballads were not the only music discovered during this time. There was another even more indigenous music that needed no revival. In fact this music was very much alive and probably playing somewhere just across town, separated only by a racial curtain: modern city blues.

      1. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology

      This article is about the heyday of folk music in the late s and early s and something about how white America discovered the blues. The Prison Cities pages Science Fiction. A finished screenplay also exists, but to get an initial impression, it is hoped that this treatment will suffice. The film takes places in the future, but not very far into the future.

      Download PDF file Life as Mandala: Creating Sacred Space 5 pages, 4 illustrations The concept of mandalas, their offering, and the creating of sacred space in everyday life. Download PDF file The Loss of Substance: Stories and Notes on Addiction 33 pages, 9 illustrations A first-person and candid look at some of the most common addictions we humans succumb to: nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, eating meat, and overeating, along with ideas on how they might be handled. This book documents the author's personal journey in dharma practice, particularly as regards learning Mahamudra meditation.

      This volume includes much of the previous book " The Lama of Appearances, " and then adds more recent experiences, plus an introduction to learning about Buddhism and how to approach it. Download PDF file Urgency in Dharma Practice 13 pages, 7 full-color photographs This short article addresses urgency in learning to experience your mind through meditation and other dharma practices, including the Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind Toward the Dharma.

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      Download PDF file Nature in the Backyard Pages, full-color photographs Nature in the Backyard was written as a photographic introduction for the author's grandchildren to the world of nature, in particular the critters living in our own backyard, nearby parks, meadows, streams, ponds, and forests. Many of the more common frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, butterflies, beetles, spiders, and others are included, complete with hi-res macro photos and details on where to find them, what they eat, and how to or not to handle them I don't write poetry that often, but when I do it is always in response to some inner realization or other, something I am going through that finally becomes clear to me Here is a year lunar calendar that provides the following information for each lunar day: Day of Week It is no wonder that astrology, the cultural form of astronomy, has built up a long history on the lore of the eclipse and what they mean for nations and in natal charts of individuals I have been doing astrological readings for some forty-plus years.

      Back in the day, my most-used book was a little volume by Hugh McCraig called the "Year Ephemeris," which basically was a list of geocentric planets giving the planet positions at the first of each month Back in the day, my most-used book was a little volume by Hugh McCraig called the "Year Ephemeris," which basically was a list of geocentric planets giving the planet positions at the first of each month.

      How to read a birth chart in Astrology and Vedic Astrology

      Each month has a degree open chart when with planets and aspect patterns Each month has a degree open chart when with planets and aspect patterns. And you don't have to be an astrologer to understand this book Many books are available about standard astrological techniques, but few about the inner meaning of astrology, All astrologers use aspects. What is not so well understood is the importance of looking at both right and left-handed aspects, what are called full-phase or mirror aspects Author Erlewine, who is an award-winning archivist and director of the Heart Center Astrological Library, the largest astrology library in North America open for research, has over 40 years experience Nodes are sensitive points in the natal chart that can be interpreted.