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Lucky number Colour red. Loved ones can take up a lot of energy so avoid being impatient.

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A heart's desire is on the way to being fulfilled - be positive and creative with all that you partake in, as things are likely to swing in new directions. A great day to spend with your beloved! Lucky number 1. Colour pink. Material gain is on the cards today. Certain situations at work and at home may require attention and resolution that is likely to come through mediation and compromise.

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Business, finances and details take up a large portion of your time today avoid stress. Lucky number 6. You valiantly struggle through the day to meet deadlines even though you feel low in energy. Health problems if any need to be addressed. Lucky number 7. You are perceptive and can watch the games that people play. It is however advisable that you sugarcoat your truth pills to be received well by others.

An older woman or mother has your best interest at heart so do listen! Be compassionate and forgiving today.

Colour blue. Major happenings need to be taken in your stride. Redecorating home or office spaces brings about new ambience and energy, which enhances a sense of well-being. It's on its way!

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Scorpio Back to top Daily Forecast It's not always easy to know whether we're being clever or foolish. It might seem as though not striving to be as wise as we can be is a foolish thing to do, yet if we don't know what wisdom really is, how can we be sure that there's anything to be gained by seeking it?

With so many people and situations trying to distract you, it's hardly surprising. Yet, the Full Moon indicates that the last thing you should do is think of yourself as being foolish.

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Your intuition knows what to do. Sagittarius Back to top Daily Forecast You don't need to be sensible today. Under this auspicious cosmic climate, you can be as vague and mystical as you like! In fact, in relation to one of the big decisions you're making, a poetic and dreamy approach will be very helpful. We think that we need to be consistent and coherent. But, no matter how diligent we are, there are bound to be unanswerable questions and holes in our theories.

All you need to do is have faith in your instincts today. They will help you decide what's best. Capricorn Back to top Daily Forecast One of the reasons that Disneyland is successful is that all of its characters are happy. Minnie Mouse never feels under the weather. The Seven Dwarfs don't argue in the shadow of Cinderella's Castle. Actually, that's probably because they're actors Unfortunately, there's no body-double ready to take your place when you're not feeling quite up to your day.

Luckily, you have the courage to face a tricky situation head on.

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Aquarius Back to top Daily Forecast Our fascination with angels goes back thousands of years. Great artists have painted them and sculpted them. Poets have written about them and ancient Biblical texts recount their appearances. Yet no one has actually seen one! Could it be that angels don't actually look like we think they look?

Maybe the halos and wings are figments of people's imaginations Your inner angel is called for today. Pisces Back to top Daily Forecast When you don't want to face facts, can't you just close your eyes? Our offices are for administrative purposes only, no visitors will be accepted without an appointment.

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