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We need to make a distinction however between the terrestrial globe on which we live and the conditions under which we operate. Although the Earth might last forever as a planet, the conditions under which we operate are ever-changing, and any drastic development in our personal life forces us to start a new chapter, as our personal world comes to an end and new conditions arise for us to live through. Our path is to find equilibrium as an Earthling regarding the Worldly requirements we face based on the conditions into which we are born.

This is done mainly by getting along with others and adapting ourselves to situations as well as facing reality in order to complete our mission here on Earth according to the imperfections we were bestowed with at birth. Thus our Sun sign is in opposition to our Earth sign, indicating interaction between ourselves and our surrounding conditions.

Consideration of the Earth planet in the natal horoscope arises during the late 19th century with the works of the astrologer Alan Leo who combined occult philosophy and the work of the Theosophists with the psychology of his time to produce what is now known as esoteric astrology. Other famous astrologers who continued this line of thought are Alice Bailey, Isabel Hickey and Myrna Lofthus and one of the contemporary astrologers now working in this field is Alan Oken. Leo believed that the idea of karma was essential to esoteric astrology.

This is the energy which emanates or radiates from the Earth itself…. In Esoteric astrology the Sun represents the vital energies of our present incarnation and the position of the Earth planet indicates how the zodiac sign and where the house sign we are to anchor ourselves in order to best use the gifts of our Sun for the service of our Soul. So, what might this all mean?

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Alan Oken, an internationally renowned master astrologer and teacher of the Ancient Wisdom has delineated the meanings of the Earth planet in the various signs and houses as follows:. Earth in Aries : a position pointing to a life that serves to release or stimulate Active Intelligence into the environment. Earth in Taurus : serves to reveal the inner spiritual reality of life that is all too often hidden in the material. Earth in 2 nd house : the goal of this life concerns the ability to shape the various forms of matter so that they express spiritual values and soul purpose.

Earth in Gemini : provides the opportunity to communicate the Path of Union into the world and is accomplished through higher learning and the Path of healing and teaching. Earth in Leo : the individual must shape his own path of service and the correct use of will has to be incorporated into this task so that the personality drive comes under the will of the soul.

The intuitive ability to recognize the level on which these energies are expressing themselves and the nature of their interrelationships SA p15 This last point necessitates a certain ability at Soul level having been achieved. The developed intuition is important as we are told in the Ageless Wisdom that this quality is part of the progress the disciple makes upon the Path now and in the coming Aquarian Age.

Esoteric Astrology

Let us look at how astrology works for us and how the rays inform the planets and signs with their influences. Until we do, the soul rulers of the various signs have little or no effect. Esoteric Astrology is centred around the Soul Ray whose force is focused through the Ascending Sign, and which is then distributed though the esoteric planetary rulers. Esoteric astrology concerns itself primarily with the unfoldment of consciousness, with the impacts which awaken it to the peculiar "gifts" of any particular sign and ray endowment and with the reaction of the man and his consequent enrichment through his response to the influence of a sign, working through the esoteric planets from the angle of humanitarian awareness, of discipleship and of initiation.

It focuses upon the expansion of consciousness. It reveals the limitations in consciousness which bind the Soul in time and space. It reveals the Soul force potential the esoteric planets in the signs which will offset the forces of the ego exoteric planets , and enable the Soul to get a better grip over the lower nature.

Alan Oken – The Soul-Centered Purpose of Venus in Your Natal Chart

It shows the particular tests and trials ahead in life, which will throw the man back upon himself, and force him to decide whether he will respond as a Soul or as an ego. The esoteric chart also indicates what the Soul would like to contribute for the greater good, where fellowship, service, and Soul fulfilment is to be found. Each of these seven systems is the primary expression for one of the Seven Rays.

The other is the great star, Sirius. The Third Ray has the Pleiades as its source. This is very important as it indicates a great Absolute Truth: Love and the Wisdom which leads and proceeds from Love are the primary qualities of consciousness in our solar system and hence of life here on Earth. The diagram which follows gives both the lower and higher planetary rulers and each of the twelve signs together with the Exoteric and Esoteric keywords. These keywords should be taken as an opportunity to meditate on, particularly those of the higher keynotes, with an outcome of a more fuller understanding of the higher meaning of each sign.

A connection needs to be found between them so that we can see the pathway required to progress from the personality level to the soul level. Intuition is a quality of the Soul and can be developed in anyone who is willing to make the necessary effort. The eye of the observer has to be opened through a sense of loving detachment, so that the mind and the heart consciously combine.

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All of this takes time, patience and hard work, from the evolutionary perspective it is the essential part of the training required to advance oneself. Intuition is also developed through service and sharing, as it requires an awareness of a whole outside of, and yet inclusive of, oneself. The rational mind, concrete logistics, and physical measuring devices are quite limited, in this respect, and must be used as extensions of the higher human faculties of cognition. Intuition and telepathic communication will evolve into a common tool for the vast majority of humankind and will progress into the new age and beyond.

We are told in the teachings that such thought-forms were anchored in the Atlantean times. The basic definitions of these energies are simple enough to acquire: Jupiter, the cause of expansion. Saturn, the cause of consolidation. Mercury, the cause of mental communication and so on. SA p It is important to compare the exoteric chart and the esoteric chart in other words we need to look at the personality chart first, the exoteric chart, and then look at the esoteric or higher ruler chart and we use the following method: 1.

This will give an assessment of the planets aspects and other astrological implications in the life of the lower self so far evolved. The less evolved the personality, the more important will be the position of the planets in the houses as this determines the areas of life which indicate attachment of the personality to the day to day life. The sun sign, with its exoteric planetary rulers, reveals the acquirement of the personality for the present incarnation.

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The primary ray of the sun will reveal much about the nature of the personality. The sun sign speaks to the astrologer about the immediate possibility that is inherent in a given lifetime. When we look at the rising sign and the esoteric rulers of the signs and houses, the spiritual goals of the present incarnation reveal themselves. The delineation of the esoteric horoscope should be superimposed over the exoteric chart and in this way you will obtain a clear picture of the relationship between the higher and lower selves and their expression.

In this respect you must especially contrast the two dispositors, that is the exoteric and the esoteric, and each of the planets and houses. If the rising sign is Libra for example, an understanding of Venus by sign house and aspect will tell you much about the basic temperament and personal traits of an individual on the personality level.

Venus is the basic ruler of Libra. Uranus is the higher ruler of Libra. A similar look at Uranus will tell you a great deal about the direction of Soul purpose and growth. This should be done for each of the planets and houses. It is also very important to note the differences and the effects of the sacred and non-sacred planets as well. The non-sacred planets tend to work more in the life of the personality, the sacred planets work to fuse and blend the soul and the personality. Mars for example a non- sacred planet would highlight the nature of the battle between the lower and the higher self especially in the house where it is found.

Jupiter, a sacred planet will serve to heal the wounds of such conflict through its fusing power and the love quality of its nature.

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By revealing his higher spiritual significance Jupiter, through its wisdom aspect would also help the individual use the information gleaned in such a battle to expand his or her own consciousness. Each of the planets is governed by one of the Rays. Note the influence of the ray energy as they work out through the soul and the personality in the chart. Saturn, for example, is closely connected to the third ray of Active-Intelligence. It is also the planet of consolidation, structure and limitations.

The Moon indicates what is past. It is the vehicle for biological karma, and indicates a great deal about the physical body and the particular type of attachment that one might have to the form life. It is also a container for previous life thought-forms, experiences and energies. Its traditionally interpreted effects are found to be significant only in relation to the lower self, which is very much moved into action through attachment and response to previous patterns of desires, emotions and instincts.

The Moon does serve however as a veil over other influences, specifically those of Vulcan and Uranus. The same can be done with regard to the Sun as it veils Neptune. In most cases the Moon will be veiling Vulcan in the earlier stages of soul fusion and will be veiling Uranus in the lives of men and women who have been walking the path a little longer.

To summarise we can say that the Sun is the present, the personality, the Moon is the past and the prison of the Soul, and the rising sign points to the future of the present incarnation. The Soul has determined this pathway to gain much spiritual growth for the individual in this lifetime. Impulsive and often thoughtless, ray 1 provides that searing power to bold and courageous experiences, just like a warrior. Ray 7 gives organisational skill.

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This is directed by the lower nature and not by contact with intelligence or the soul. Ultimately, the mind is brought into play and the developing personality begins to respond to Mercury, the higher or esoteric ruler of the sign, with its emphasis on communicating and thinking.

Esoteric Astrology by Alan Leo

Desire and passion hold sway in the unregenerate personality. For the personality, instability is like the flitting of the mind from one thing to another, never being able to concentrate on a subject for very long before moving on to something else. Jack of all trades who is master of none.

We can see why this is as Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and has dominion over the mind. Venus, the esoteric ruler, begins to come into the life as the soul makes itself felt. Leaving behind the old instable self, Gemini begins to feel the higher self that is the discrimination of Venus and its 5th Ray.