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From May 13 - June 25, Venus, the planet of love, will retrograde right in the area of your chart that connects to dating, affairs, pleasure, sex, and romance. This is the place in your life where you open your heart and fall in love. The classic scenario when Venus is retrograde in this part of your chart is that an ex will come back into your life in some way.

Since this is the dual sign of Gemini, it might even be two of your old flames. Another possibility during Venus Retrograde is that you are dating someone and, all of a sudden, a lover from your past comes back and wants a second chance.

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You'll be extremely confused about this choice you need to make. Take your time figuring things out.

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With an eclipse also touching your romance sector on November 30, there is destined to be a turning point for you in love this year. Accept the duality of life.

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You are like the wheel on the card: balanced and strong. Both powerful and gentle at the same time.

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You are a warrior. If you have outstanding projects, now would be the time to complete them. Your calm mind will allow you the focus and power to get things finished.

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You will be energized when you let go of your battling thoughts. The 4 of Wands is much like the The Universe card, which is all about completing a cycle and celebrating your hard work.

It also indicates a time when you are ready to move on to the next phase of life. This is where the Hierophant comes in. We received this card last week from the Wild Unknown deck. When we receive a card twice in a row, we know the Universe really wants us to hear the message. The Hierophant is a card that holds the keys to transformation.

It represents a teacher, a mentor, or a spiritual leader that is here to guide us to the next phase of our lives. When we are ready for them, they will come into our lives and support our growth. Be on the look out for this teacher to appear.

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Your guide will feel right to your body and your mind. Their wisdom will help us unlock the doors that we have been struggling to open ourselves. They will share their knowledge and we will be able to see life through new eyes.

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We need the support of those who have gone before us. We can learn so much from the sages of the past and the mentors of our time if we are open. Let yourself be open.

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  • Complete your current projects and when you feel ready to move to a higher plan, your teacher will appear to lead the way. Mantra for the week: With a balanced mind, I tap into the powers available to me. I use this energy to complete any and all tasks. With a cycle completed, I move into the next phase of life.