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They will have the same wave-length and will be at same emotional and intelligen This is not regarded as a good combination due to Dwi-dwadash position. She will be assertive and dominating. He will This makes a fabulous sign combination.

Wednesday, October 09, 12222

They will share the same emotional plane and will understand each other's mood and fe They will be at the same intellectual and emotional plane. They will collaborate in the areas of art, fashion, music, films, This combination indicates a fundamental incompatibility in their natures and thinking. There will be difference of opinion a Cancer Man - Sagittarius Woman. There will be fundamental difference in thought process and nature.

He would carve for freedom and independence. She will be This is a good sign combination.

Lucky things for cancer

They will respond well to each other and build long lasting relationship. She will be practi This is not regarded as a good sign combination. There will be basic differences in their ways of approaching life. The boy w Both the natives will be very emotional, due to which they will become irrational most of the times.

Instead of trying to und Cancer FAQ's. About Cancer Woman. About Cancer Man. Check Now. Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Ask A Question Is there any question or problem lingering. Love Will you be able to rekindle with your lost love? If you are not. Yantras Energised Yantras for You. AstroSage TV Subscribe. AstroSage Magazine. Buy Gemstones. Buy Now. Marriage Report. Order Now. Punit Pandey. Close Feedback. Close Send Feedback. You can work out almost any problem if you break it down into smaller parts.

Your left brain is dominant today, and that means you can analyze anything worth thinking about.

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Change things up! You're not sure what's going on between you and that colleague or friend who just can't let go, but you need to deal with it soon. Differences of opinion may be easier to clear up tomorrow. You're naturally proud of your talents—as you should be—but today, that may cross the line into something like arrogance. If you can catch yourself, things should go really well for you!

Show others that you're not so predictable—take a different route to work, mix up your routines or just see if you can get yourself to go for a double espresso instead of your usual. Your big brain needs to work a little harder today—good thing it's all fueled up and ready to go!

Your ideas are golden and you can think your way out of almost any problem you face. Watch out for low-key resentment at home—you may not be the source, but you are likely to be the outlet! It's easy enough to turn it to more productive pursuits as long as you stay aware of it.

Try not to worry too much about what's for sure and what isn't—it's the uncertainties that make today special! In fact, if you can keep your mind as open as possible, you should find things really work out well. Your ability to make solid plans is making life much more interesting, so now is a good time to think about what you want for the next year or two.

Cancer Love Horoscope Predictions 12222

Plan it all out and ask for advice. Big change can only come about through you and your efforts right now—so make sure that you're watching for opportunities! You may find that it's easier to get people motivated today, too. Its one of those days when you need to spread your energy out over as much of the world as you can reach.

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That could mean volunteering, studying problems to help with or just keeping up with the status quo. Deals of Market. Toggle navigation. Tue, 08 Oct Source : astrology. Taurus Daily Overview for October 08, Gemini Daily Overview for October 08, Cancer Daily Overview for October 08, Leo Daily Overview for October 08, Virgo Daily Overview for October 08, Libra Daily Overview for October 08, Scorpio Daily Overview for October 08, Sagittarius Daily Overview for October 08, Capricorn Daily Overview for October 08, Aquarius Daily Overview for October 08, Pisces Daily Overview for October 08, New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative.

Unexpected gifts and presents from relatives and friends. Today your love blooms to show what a beautiful deed you have done. Those connected with art and theatre will find several new opportunities to give their creative best. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. Your spouse will do something really special for you today. Lucky Number: 1. Wed, 09 Oct Source : astrosage. Taurus Horoscope 9 Oct Your confident expectations open the door for realization of your hopes and desires. Travel for some prove hectic and stressful-but financially rewarding.

Don't reveal information that is personal and confidential.

Likely to go on a pleasure trip that will rejuvinate your energy and passion. Your colleagues might invite you for a small get-together after work. A day for cautious moves- when your mind would be needed more than your heart.

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Today, you will get to spend the best evening of your life with your spouse. Lucky Number: 9. Gemini Horoscope 9 Oct But keep your excitement under control as too much happiness may cause some problems. Improvement in finances is certain. Social events will be perfect opportunity to improve your rapport with influential and important people. Try to control your speech as your harsh words can mar the peace and perturb the smooth pace of the ties with your sweetheart.

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Get involved in jobs which are of creative nature. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm leads you to another beneficial day. You might feel annoyed by your spouse due to off mood. Lucky Number: 7. Cancer Horoscope 9 Oct Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses.

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Friends and spouse brings comfort and happiness to you otherwise a dull and slow day. Little chance to escape from the Cupid's arrow.